Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cost-effective in rural areas need appropriate IPTV

Netcom's IPTV trial network in rural areas, within six months after the completion of the development of over 8 million users, a Netcom Group is the largest one IPTV trial network. The fact that some of our habits of thinking out of: IPTV as a new technology seems to be aimed at the city's high-end users, rather than in information technology is relatively backward rural areas; then, IPTV is able to smooth development in rural areas, This time, farmers and city users can also become beneficiaries of new technology do?

CCW Research study suggests that: relatively cities, rural areas of the IPTV business with a wider range of needs, if the strategy properly, IPTV will be accepted by the rural users, as new information construction in rural areas in the new force:

First of all, farmers and urban residents have very different leisure entertainment. In rural areas, due to poor choice of leisure activities, lower disposable income and the general cultural level is not high, farmers are watching television is the most important form of entertainment; and choose a more urban way of conditions on leisure activities, They rely less on television. Therefore, the television mass base in rural areas than urban. The IPTV users are transformed from the traditional TV audiences, from this sense, stronger than the demand for IPTV in rural areas of the city.

Cable TV, digital TV popularity in the city, largely influenced the development of IPTV in the city, but rather part of the rural areas, people can not enjoy these services, so they get more TV programs through IPTV will have a more strong demand.

In addition, both audio and video products and Internet IPTV heterogeneous competitors, they can provide users with video programs and information services. But in rural areas, access to audio and video products and Internet access are far from urban convenience, this also a reflection of the greater need in rural areas IPTV.

In summary, rural needs IPTV, but the only cost-effective appropriate IPTV, price determines whether the demand derived from the market. As the relatively low purchasing power in rural areas, relatively high price sensitivity, it must be different for local economic development to develop a reasonable fee standards. Meanwhile, the relatively urban users, rural users of IPTV services will be lower demand level, such as interactive weak demand. Operators should be based on differences between urban and rural areas provide various content services to achieve cost control, profit objectives.

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