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The birth of kissing fish

Lovely girls kissing fish not only put it down, its charm even the young man could not resist. Today, we use Photoshop and ImageReady to create a little animated kissing fish. (Figure)

This tutorial mainly related to Photoshop's layers, channels, and deformation features, ImageReady used to layer and transition to complete the animation. If you wish, you can provide us with documents to complete the animation (Click here to download).

1. First, open the image background with Photoshop and redfish, which, redfish have removed the background. (Figure background and redfish)

Our redfish seem, ah ... ... a little shy, so in this animation, we hide it in the background image bottom left corner of the coral thicket. First thing to do, is to separate the coral from the screen, copy it to another layer, so that it can be shown in the background before, we will carry out this step in the channel.

2. Choose a background image, open the access panel. See each channel in turn, find the greatest contrast of coral and the surrounding environment of a channel, in this picture, the green channel, the maximum contrast with the surrounding coral. Select the green channel, drop it into the bottom panel to create a new channel button, the copy the green channel. By default, this channel will be automatically named "green copy." (Figure 01)

Figure 01

3. Select the green copy of the channel, our aim is to make the outer edge of the coral almost white, while the surrounding environment is almost exclusively black, and further increase the contrast so choose. Open the Levels dialog box, set the Input Levels 52,2.07,167 respectively. (Figure 02)

Figure 02

4. Select Airbrush tool, coated with black coral green copy of the channel other than the all white area, now part of the screen in addition to coral, the black should all be filled. (Figure 03)

Figure 03

5. Hold down the Ctrl key, click the green copy of the channel, loading channel in the white area, click on the thumbnails RGB channel to return color images, go to the Layers panel. Then the main constituency is the scope of coral. Press Ctrl + J, the constituency of the image copied to the new layer to the image looks have not changed.

If you hide the background, you will find that we are not a complete copy of the coral in the middle left many gaps. Of course, if you step on the green with a white brush and painted a copy of the channel within the coral, then, when you get the shape of coral is complete. What is the difference be? Come with me, soon you will understand.

6. Now, with the move tool from the red fish redfish drag the file to the background. Then, adjust the layer in the Layers panel location, the redfish layer placed in the coral layer. Press Ctrl + T, transferred out distortion box, the tool length and width of link options will be reduced to the original red fish 90%, determined deformation. Then, select Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal command, and then rotate redfish deformation tool, it's body and fish's body to maintain the parallel, with a mobile tool to redfish to move to the back of coral, fish head note Position Oh! (Feel good grasp, it can be built at the top layer, draw a line for reference) (Figure 05)

Figure 05

In the moving process, you may find that, because the coral has gaps, so the fish's body in the thicket of coral looming, it will not only interesting but also more in line with the real situation. If we select the whole of the coral, it will completely block the fish's body.

Now, save your image into ImageReady in the next step we have to complete the animation part.


7. Click to navigate Photoshop panel in ImageReady, open in ImageReady image we just created. If your animation panel did not open the window> Show Animation to open. At present, the animation panel, this file only one. (Figure 06)

Figure 06

8. Layers panel, activate the layer where the redfish. Then use the Move tool to move to the big fish in front of the redfish so Yuzui phase, it looks like the kiss look (Figure 07).

Figure 07

Note: At this time the animation panel, only the second frame has changed, reflecting the image moving behind it. (Figure 08)

Figure 08

9. In the animation panel at the bottom select "animation frame transition" button, in the transition dialog box, select all the layers, select a location parameter only, the choice of a transition, add a frame to select the number of 3. (Figure 09)

Figure 09

Transition for our animation to add the middle frame. In the animation panel, you can see, in the first frame and the last one between the increase of the middle frame 3. (Figure 10)

Figure 10

Note that: in the middle of the frame will increase the more fluid animation, but each additional one, the file size will increase accordingly. If you need to do is play the animation in the network, you may need to experiment with the fewest possible number of frames to achieve the best possible results. Any time, you can click the play button on the animation panel to preview the animation.

10. In most cases, you need to adjust the speed of animation playback. See the animation panel, each frame the following numbers? These figures indicate the adjacent delay time between two frames, or is the frame display speed. To frame a change all the time, you can click the first frame, hold down the Shift key, click the last one, select all the frames.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the frame rate from the pop-up menu, select a time. In this example, I chose 0.2 seconds. You can also specify a separate delay for each frame. (Figure 11)

Figure 11

11. When you are satisfied with the speed of the animation, the next on the optimization of the animation. Sometimes, the animation may be very large, this time, you will need to sacrifice some image quality to ensure that the appropriate size of the animation. I will optimize the file format set to GIF, loss of 0, can be perceptible, color matching algorithm set to spread, the color is 64 colors, color matching of 100%, without other side. (Figure 12)

Figure 12

You can select the Tools panel preview, or right-click the image, select Preview from the pop-up menu; satisfaction, the use of "will optimize the results stored as a" command output animation. Before the output, the best original look with PSD format, so you can easily modify. Finally, we output the animation is only 34K, it is not very small fine?

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